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Do you know that feeling when people aren't responding to your messages and you start to suspect that they've been gossiping behind your back and secretly hate you?

Screw my paranoid head and screw the stupid immature assholes who taught me to be afraid of shit like this.

FML (and for fucks sake answer me when i text you three different people in my study group!)
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Jeg tænker nogen gange om der mon er nogen derude som mig derude

om de venter på jeg finder dem.

om de betragter verdenen og undrer sig

er det kun mig der brænder lidt ensomhed og fuck-it attitude i aften
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Title: The problem with government work
Author:  katla_frej
Pairing:  pre Jane/Cho sorta
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Mentalist
Warnings:  none really AU
Spoilers: AU
Summary: That Patrick Jane fellow.
Disclaimer: This does not belong to me
Notes: Written for a prompt at comment_fic prompt: The Mentalist, Team, Paranormal investigators (X-Files or Fringe type division?) original is here

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Gabriel fiction

answer to an old comment meme i wrote can't quite remember where

Title: Misery loves company
Author:  katla_frej
Pairing: Gabriel/Castiel
Rating: R
Warnings: Implied Character death, angst, angel sex.
Changing channels Au after that
Summary: Sam didn't say yes, neither did Dean.
Disclaimer: Supernatural does not belong to me
Notes: A drabble really


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story of my life

Just blew all my remaining spending money this month on books and DC comics again.... ops. and it's only the 15. gonna be two long weeks.
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Thank you

Today when i got out to my car, after staying at a friends place overnight, it was completly snoved in. it hadn't snowed that much so i didn't think it was going to be a problem, but it seemed that a snowplow had driven past, and in shoving the snow of the road, trapped the car behind a line of snow that was pretty frosen together. Off course I had forgotten a shovel, and the friend i'd been staying with had left he place at the same time as me to get to a familiy event, so I just had to try to drive past the snow . Things looked pretty bleak for about 30 minutes, i tried dragging some of the snow away with some cardboard and putting it under the wheel to give it something to drive on but it wasn't really working so well.

Then a man came down from one of the apartments in the building i was parked in front, he'd seen me from his window and decided to come down to help. He spent 15 minutes pushing my car and helping me get out from behind the snow and as soon as i had gotten the car out he went back inside before i had a chance to thank him properbly. So i am doing it here instead

Thank you all good samaritans out there, and mine in particular, this saved my day