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run away


Time will say nothing

but i told you so

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run away
Title: Once burned, twice frightened
Author:  katla_frej
Pairing: Sam/Dean (as innocent as the show)
Rating: G
Spoilers: Season one Pilot
Summary: After The Fire
Disclaimer: Supernatural does not belong to me
Notes: just a drabble

In the beginning Dean want's everything to be normal, he stops at crappy diners, eats sticky food and get's them low-price motel rooms, because that's what they do, it makes sense. he tries so hard to make everything seem as it used to in order to make Sam feel like he belongs, to make him feel at home, even though neither of them has had one (except each other)  since the fire that took away their Mom.

Dean let's sam lecture, he fights with him, he flirts with everything in a skirt and he tries to avoid the brittle spots in his brother, like a newborn, where you have to be careful with the head and sam's always been a bit like that, but now Sam is changed. Dean no longer automaticly know where sam's soft spots are, some are the same, he still finches a bit when someone smacks a book shut, as if protesting to the books treatment, but now he's got new places too, and dean doesn't know them yet.

and it's just a regular Salt-and-Burn job, Dean doesn't even think about it when he lights the match and throws it in, until he sees the look on Sam's face and he realises that Sam doesn't like fire anymore. He used to, like any other kid he could watch it for hours, sitting to close to it, constantly lingering on the line between comfortably hot and getting burned. Dean has always been the one with the fire problem, once it had interfered with a hunt and Dad had yelled at him, Dean had learned to hide it after that, but there was still that uneasiness with the element that he couldn't shake.

Which is probably why Dean doesn't mind Sam's new aversion, he hopes it will make him more careful in the future, keep him from getting burned again. Keep Sam from leaving him again.

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