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run away


Time will say nothing

but i told you so

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run away


Okay warning the following post contains Torchwood: Children of Earth Spoilers.

Okay then first of all Ianto Jones was without a doubt the coolest secretary on screen and so much more, he started out as a side character with a tragic past and yet convinced an entire fandom to love him. Now i know that some like the twist to the story, feel that his death was well written and fitted the storyline, and i do agree to a part; the death-scene itself was beautiful, and drove home the point of how pointless 456's attack was, but the death itself didn't fit, not only was Ianto killed pointlessly but this is not even a full season after they killed of Owen and Tosh. It simply isn't fair to the fans.

and this is why i want to draw some attention here, please if you agree even a little bit with me visit savecoffeeboy and help us in our petition to bring back Ianto, no attempt is to small.

now i know some may think; he's a fictional character, get over it! And you are fully entitled to that opinion, but i have already heard it, so please don't tell me again, to me and many other fans i'm sure Ianto is so much more.