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run away


Time will say nothing

but i told you so

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run away
Title: The problem with government work
Author:  katla_frej
Pairing:  pre Jane/Cho sorta
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Mentalist
Warnings:  none really AU
Spoilers: AU
Summary: That Patrick Jane fellow.
Disclaimer: This does not belong to me
Notes: Written for a prompt at comment_fic prompt: The Mentalist, Team, Paranormal investigators (X-Files or Fringe type division?) original is here

Usually Theresa Lisbon doesn’t mind working with new people assigned to her division, but this Patrick Jane fellow was so damn cryptic she was about ready to slap him the next time he refused to answer a question, that or believe Rigsby’s whispered comment about the rumours of the guy being some kind of psychic. They’d certainly seen stranger things in the course of their work, and it would explain why she hadn’t been able to find a proper work history on the guy.

Sometimes she got the feeling Cho knew more than the rest of them, but since things were still weird between them after the accident with the dislocation gun where they’d switched bodies, she didn’t feel like pressing the point. Also she didn’t want to deal with the paperwork, the thing with Rigsby and Van Pelt’s brush with sex pollen was still clogging her Inbox, you’d think that at this point the higher ups would have learned to just sign off on all medical expenses but nooo everybody had to question everything, and there wasn’t really a nice way to say that you spent the last sedation making sure your coworkers didn’t screw themselves to death in the back of a government van. Yeah next time her contract got renewed she was demanding a raise.