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Hello stranger

so you made it to my bio hmm i guess i better tell you a little about myself then, i am an 21 year old female student from denmark, i'm studieng physical therapi at the moment. As you might be able to guess from the whole being Danish thing english = second language so spelling and grammar mistakes might happen in my posts' feel free to point them out if they annoy you.

I currently have this journal mainly to browse around LJ, i am mostly a lurker i'll post a bit here and there on communitys and as comments to others but i dont write alot in my own journal, i do write a bit though and if it interests you feel free to friend ;) just leave me a message so i know.

I am bisexual so if you attempt to post a homophopic comment to a post i make i will most likely delete it, the same with racist or likewise offensive remarks. Other than that feel free to share how you feel regarding the topic i'm posting about, i don't mind if your opinion doesn't match mine, i'm always up for a good debate as long as it doesn't end in mudslinging :P.

- katla-frej